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We rehearse once a month in Kortrijk on Saturday afternoons from 1.30pm to 6pm. Feel free to drop by to try it out on 1 June. Still enthusiastic? Then we will arrange an audition to hear you sing solo as well as in harmony. For your solo song, just choose a song you feel comfortable with and which suits your voice well. To assess whether you can also sing in harmony, we will provide you with a track with the soprano, alto, tenor or bass voice of a song from our repertoire, so that you can rehearse your voice. At the audition, you will sing this together with the three other voices and so you will already know the first song as our story continues together 😉 Flanders Gospel Choir is not just an ordinary choir. Not only do we love to sing, but we sing about the Gospel, so we will also talk to each other about that. Why do you want to sing about Jesus with us?

Book us

A full evening programme? An open-air performance at a night market? A benefit performance? Depending on your activity, we will adapt. Everything is negotiable provided we can sing for at least an hour. It must be a bit of an effort to get all the sound reinforcement ready and build up the stage.

We provide an enthusiastic choir and a fully equipped technical crew. We provide you with posters and flyers so that you as an organiser do not have to put any more work into that.

So what do you do as an organiser? Find a venue where the gig can take place, do the necessary promotion and provide a simple sandwich meal for the choir. Do you want a free or paying performance? That’s entirely up to you.

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